Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mayan Hammocks

I loved the Mayan hammock I used to have. I've fallen asleep in it many times.

And if I ever find out who stole mine from my backyard, I'm gonna beat the snot outta them. I bet they tangled it all up just taking it down because there are a million little strings, and you have to tie them off at intervals before taking it down.

It was difficult to make my family understand my insistence upon tying it up for storage, but with the first nasty snarls, they were believers.

My second one is at the lake house. But I didn't want to drive two hours to get it. I bought a third one in Mexico In a cruise a few years ago. (Really, cruises are a lot cheaper than you think.) The seller assured me it was a large one. It was large enough to hold a small child, with thick and unyielding strings. I don't fit in it myself, and I'm short. Gasping for breath is not relaxing.

Well, my sister heard my complaint and on her honeymoon last fall, she bought me another one for Christmas, this time with thick unyielding nylon strings. Honestly, she didn't know and she was trying to make me happy It is just as comfortable as the white one I bought there. I can't lie in either of them without being crushed. I wonder if I can convert them to chairs?

I went on eBay a few minutes ago and just ordered another family sized hammock. This one holds 1-4 people and about 550 pounds. That's the difference, along with thousands of tiny cotton strings that give the whole rig flexibility. Yes, intended for cuddling with a sweetie, but I haven't had one in.... Geez, how many years has it been? Never mind. That's depressing and I don't truly warrant such bad luck with men. *sigh*

For good measure, I ordered a metal stand. I'm tired of hanging it under the porch. Last time, David had to hang the new one for me because I was just too darn short. And then it ended up being unpleasant to sit in, after all was said and done. But thanks anyway, dude. Always nice to have a tall man around. Lol

I admitted that I've always had a thing for men who are taller than me... And yes, he got the joke. ;). Because its a rare man who ISN'T taller than me. Lol. I'm only 5'5".

Yep. It makes me feel rather helpless and frightened at times. Yep, I know that's ridiculous because I could always smash the kneecaps and bite the ankles of any tall men menacing me.

Hopefully I won't be disappointed with my eBay purchase, and the seller won't be a deadbeat. If all is as promised, it means I'll be outside reading and relaxing and blogging instead of inside in my cold house, sleeping the afternoons and evenings away in my bed.

Plus - this will give me a spare bed for my house. :). Seriously! Just the way they use them in ole Mexico.

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