Sunday, May 13, 2012

Misunderstanding of the sensual

Last night I posted a comment regarding how funny it was that I was shopping with family and while they were interested in finding stylish clothes, I was only interested in buying scented candles at the Yankee candle Store. I said I was more interested in the sensual than the stylish.

Oh boy. My young nephew got all flustered at that comment and said it sounded dirty. So I explained that sensual means appealing to the senses, such as the fragrance of the candles. I guess he was thinking only about touch. ;)

So, apologies, fella. I only meant the sense of smell.

Now I'm a little concerned about how much he does know. I think we are both a bit icked out. LOL

I did something the other night that I haven't done in a long time -- I took a shower by candlelight. Oh, it was lovely. I had to do that once during a blackout when I was a kid and ever since, it's a bit mysterious and magical to me to bathe by candlelight. It probably explains my fascination with gypsy vardos. I still want one of my own. :). If I had the smallest bit of carpentry skill, I'd build one and take it camping in the woods somewhere.

There's the 18th century part of my brain. I wouldn't mind living the castle life.... For a little while, until I became angry at the lack of light to draw and read by, and the the coldness of living in stone walls.

Still, I think I'd better do some personal research on what it's like to sleep in a castle. Next European vacation, maybe.

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