Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prepping Liquid Bs for Travel

Yet another reuse for my MiO bottles... I've been so tired again lately I'm taking my liquid b vitamin complex again. Mmm yummy. Not. But they do help me.

My blood is tired. I'm tired. Food sucks. Fear of gaining weight while depressed sucks even more.

A year ago I figured out my problem with anemia. I'm low on iron BECAUSE I'm low on red blood cells. No nocturnal visitors nibbling on my neck either, darn it. B vitamins ramp up red blood cell production, as it turns out.

So while I was taking the Bs for the B12 energy, my anemia went bye-bye. Apparently I have VERY healthy iron levels now even during the week every month my doctor told me to choke down iron pills. Eww. No thanks.

I pieced it together when I remembered that my maternal grandmother suffers from pernicious anemia and has to get regular injections of b12.

My diet hasn't improved to include a lot of iron rich food, so the fact that I have plenty of iron now without supplements much be attributable to the liquid Bs.

It's fine. I take a double dose daily, and any extras are excreted through urine. Know what? Apparently my body doesn't consider any of that excessive. I've been seeing no signs of overdosing in the bathroom.

I'm due for another blood donation June 8th. Though I'd rather stick with my trusty left arm, I'm a little concerned that overusing that site might cause a problem. But it's such an easy vessel to see and puncture... I'm tempted to stay with it until they tell me to start using the other arm. I can pop the vein up without even needing a tourniquet, just a small arm flex. I just don't want to get to the point where some incompetent is digging around in the other arm with a needle, trying to find the shy vein.

So I'm going to put my liquid Bs in
a cleaned MiO bottle and carry it on. A squirt under the tongue should be my usual (over)dose. I just have my doubts that the original eyedropper bottle will fly well. Mine leaked a bit on my last flights, and because the liquid is a dark, staining orange, I'd rather not have any spills in my suitcase. ;)

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