Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Run improved, marginally

Finally, my cardiovascular system seems to be getting on board with this 5k training program. Today included slightly longer runs that I thought I was giving up far to early in, but a few seconds later the message to slow down and walk would break in.

It was not an exciting run visually, but my muscles and ligaments and such were all struggling to keep up anyway. I ran around the school. I started out on the grass but then I discovered that the grass was just as hard as the pavement so I opted for the pavement because it had no hidden holes.

I was able to get control over my breathing sooner, too. That's the part that makes me tired, not muscle fatigue. Pushing myself on through a bit of pain isn't the problem -- it's being able to just breathe.

So having gotten to this point means that my lungs are getting stronger. I had told my youngest nephew today that if I couldn't make it today, I was going to start back on day 1 of the program and see if I can't do better.

Fortunately, I didn't have to. :)

So this is why I'm in bed already, well before midnight. Lights off, and that's unusual. Ooh, might I be growing a tad *normal* on the sleeping thing? Is all that oxygen I took in to thank for how clearheaded and calm I am?

Is my butt just worn out from running? Lol that's the one, right there.

I woke up hungry this morning and I had oatmeal in a jar as breakfast in bed. While sleeping.

Sleep, alarm, eat a couple bites of oatmeal, snooze, repeat. Haha. Turns out it took the "heart healthy" larger serving of oatmeal to satisfy me though. So that's where I am with breakfast -- I do need pint jars after all.

Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. I certainly thought it weird that I wanted some warm flannel pjs and my ice packs. it's too warm for flannel but I've been too cold the last two nights.

Please let that be a side effect of my liver burning off some of my pudge. :)

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