Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shin Sleeves and Hives!

I just realized that what I thought was a heat & sweat induced rash has magically vanished. I suppose it was anxiety-produced hives. Awfully itchy like the other time I got them, and I was just as upset the last time, albeit for a different reason.

Gee, what could have I been dreading so much that I broke out in hives, hmm? And just as sudden as the onset, removal from the stressful situation made the itchy things go away? I wonder.

My legs feel better today. Shin splints seem to be healing up -- I can kneel again without excruciating pain. It still hurts, just not as badly. (Sometimes you have to give the dog a bath, and kneeling is required. Kindly remove mind from gutter, thanks so much. Lol)

I think I would benefit from getting some shin compression sleeves to keep the swelling down in my lower legs. They are slowly becoming more defined - I noticed that tonight. So are my thighs.

Oh, not that the casual onlooker would notice, but when I flexed them, I could see the beginnings of muscle definition. Yay me. That's the look I'm after and not sure if I can get it.

Now if I can just get back into a daily workout routine, I'll be fine. Swelling and lingering pain are causing me the most problems.

What color shin sleeves should I get, though? They're going to attract so much attention. :(. Nothing is going to be inconspicuous. Go for fabulous? Purple? Red? Black?

Laters, Baby. ;). Well, the shirt had me laughing pretty hard when *I* saw it. I kinda want one.

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