Friday, May 4, 2012

Sick day

No, I'm not faking. Nerves, stomach pain, general feeling of yuck. Possibly psychosomatic, but if it causes real pain, it's real enough to warrant a day of bed rest and zero stress. Stress was the likely culprit over the last couple of weeks with my blood glucose levels madly fluctuating.

If you're saying, oh, she doesn't have any stress in her life, it just means you haven't gotten to know me well enough for me to unload all of my stressors on you. I have just as many as you do but I don't share unless you ask. (Not even in a blog post. Not with family. Not with my few good friends. Contrary to popular belief, I don't parade all of my stupidity out there publicly.)

I could make a list of my stressors for you to peruse and judge ....

... But I'm not going to.

You're welcome. :). I don't want to play that one-upping game of "Oh yeah, well I have it worse than you do!" I learned about that when I was in 7th grade and it embarrassed me badly enough that I've avoided it ever since.

Sometime you should just acknowledge another's difficulty. It won't worsen your own suffering. It also won't alleviate it, but did you really expect a magic cure? Come on.

So for those gnashing their teeth because I dared to stay home for the first time since October (and I was in post-surgery doctor appointments in another city that day, not exactly enjoying myself), I am in a bit of pain. So you can get your sadistic thrill out of that. Ha! That'll show me, to stay home for a sick day when ... I'm actually ... Sick.

Maybe if I'd been allowed to go home the second day I was sick instead of being treated like my pain and nausea were of no concern to anyone, I might be well and at work today. I know others don't really care, but I do. I go to work sick a LOT, but I don't go public total martyr shutdown about it.

New personal policy: if I'm sick past midnight the night before and not feeling fabulous when I awaken, I'm going to call in sick and not take any chances on being miserable all day at work.

Old personal policy I am reinstating: if I'm sick and need a sub, I'm not going to accept "you can't be sick because getting a sub will be inconvenient" for an answer.

If I call in sick, I'm not faking. (Unlike many people.) I can't just become "unsick" when met with resistance. I put up with that for years at another school until I finally put my foot down and said that I was not coming to work and they would just have to handle it. Being denied sick leave when someone has earned it and needs it is unethical, and I do believe illegal.

I have rights, and I really don't want to vomit in front of a multitude of people, especially not a couple hundred trying to eat their lunch. Thanks to the few who were kind earlier this week when it was obvious I was ill. One sweet child and one adult.

I'll be okay, but I know from past experience that if I don't calm the frazzled nerves, the pain will worsen to the feeling of my stomach being cut up by eating shards of glass. Been there. Nothing fixed it until I was calm for a good long stretch again.

So this is me, self-calming. :).

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