Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skull Sketchbook and UFOs

I have a few unfinished projects (UFOs - crafters know these as unfinished objects) right now and here I am in the planning stages of a bookmaking project. My nephew has requested that I create a skull sketchbook for him. Black cover, purple skull, full sized pages.

Yeah, I can do this. I've made books before. :). I think the reason they made it into my short attention span theater is that while the ones I made were elegant and simple, I really prefer bright, bold, crazy, and waaaay out there myself.

Right now I'm seeing so many things I want to do, and I know I won't have time to do them all unless I forego sleeping this summer. Of course, if I get into my creative near-manic zone, I just might not be able to sleep anyway.

Yeah. I know what you're thinking I need to do in order to sleep... LOL but it looks like running is going to be my only choice, once I can walk again. Shin splints. Gotta love 'em. Wait a minute -- no I don't !

The afghan-of-donated-yarn is almost finished. I'm within a few rows / inches of deciding just how wide it needs to be. (I can't WAIT to wash it - this dirty yarn is icking me out!) I've enjoyed working this particular pattern because it allowed me to go wild with a rainbow of colors. It also allowed me to crochet blindly while talking and looking at people. Their amazement that my hands were a fast blur and I wasn't even looking at my work amused me. What? Can't other people do that? *innocently blinking".

I have a sweater to finish, but I will only finish the first half of it in time to wear it this year. Maybe as a scarf, maybe as a shrug or shawl. The rest will have to wait. It will be too warm soon to wear the full garment anyway. Plans to do something of my own design with similar dimensions are already in mind. As usual. :)

I'm feeling pressure to use up all of that donated yarn. It's in my way. I've used about a third of it so far, and I'd like it stored as finished afghans / blankets rather than loose and dirty yarn. Okay, it doesn't look THAT dirty... But there is a lot we can't se with the naked eye and it only shows up in the nasty wash water. Eww. So I have learned from making my mesh shopping bags.

On the more positive side, I did finish the black mesh backpack and a twisted leather necklace for my nephew, plus a bracelet from pop tabs. Lol. But it does look rather cool and punk. Really. I've had requests for many more.

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