Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twisted to feel so good...

Lots of energy and good mood today. Probably because of running yesterday and all the extra oxygen I took in. That's typical. A few hours after I exercise and recover, I start feeling a tad superhuman. Just the tiniest hint of soreness. Not too bad.

No, it has nothing to do (the good mood -- that would be perverse, wouldn't it?) with the ex who was trying to hit on me earlier. That is so over. Still trying to lie to me and play me. No thank you, I'd rather remain celibate.

I bought myself new shorts and a couple of tops to exercise in tonight. Tops a size smaller and shorts TWO sizes smaller. I could force my tail into an even smaller size but that doesn't mean it would be the right one and it's just asking for trouble with pornographically tight shorts and undies, especially when you're sweating.

Then I came home and weighed myself, only to discover I've gained four pounds. What the hell??? That's another three pounds in two days!!! See, I told you I'm metabolically screwed.

Definitely must run tomorrow, and at a cooler time of day. Maybe this time I'll try the cross-country trail instead of the elementary school paved path.

I didn't see much of anything to help me at the local sporting goods (clothes and shoes) store. Also got snubbed by the quartet of 20 something girls working there and chattering together. Gee, I hope you don't work on commission, because now I really won't shop there. The people at the other chain an hour away were VERY helpful and had more interesting stuff. They had running bras IN MY SIZE (36dd), camping stuff, and I totally squee over camping. Love camping! Never get to go though. *sigh**

Must sleep now. Nite! :)

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