Friday, May 18, 2012

Vogue Knitting App

I'm a bit disappointed in Vogue Knitting magazine. Their special crochet issue is on the stands for sale, but after contacting them directly, they have stated most firmly that the digital issues they sell are only available through their special iPhone / iPad app. Otherwise, screw you, buy the hard copy and let it clutter up your house.

I've got both an iPad and a iPhone. So why am I complaining? I checked the very low ratings on that app and nearly everyone using it reports problems. It crashes.

Oh, I just paid for Draw Something only to find that it crashes as well. I paid for an app that is totally unplayable. Jerks.

That is where my sentiment lies on being someone putting a ring through my nose.

With the last update of the VK app, not only was functionality reduced from prior versions, many users lost their prior PURCHASES as well. They haven't found a way to get those purchases back, and customer support will not respond to them.

At $5 an issue or more, I've got a huge problem with not having any option but a faulty app to access my purchased issues. After all, it's JUST A PDF.

Other magazines I've purchased from Cloth Paper Scissors were available directly from them instead of through Zinio. I don't have a problem with Zinio, but I think that the ability to back up my purchased downloads is something I'm entitled to.

So. I purchased the issue I wanted, against my will, via (faulty) in-app purchase. Am I stuck with no way to backup?

Heck no. I'm screenshotting each page of the issue, putting them back together in CamScanner Pro, and I'm going to upload my finished magazine PDF to Dropbox for safekeeping.

So there, Vogue Knitting and your proprietary ripoff software. I hacked that. I'm still ticked that they only allow owners of iOS devices to buy digital issues though. That's just exclusionary and it's wrong.

I suppose they think it will keep people from pirating copies of their digital magazines. Obviously, if I can back mine up, I could say "arrrr mateys!" and rip them off. But I'm not going to do that. Even though my fingers are getting a little sore taking screen shots of 100+ pages.

Kiss my butt, Vogue.

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