Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yucky training run

And I use the term run, loosely. I only ran about half of the intervals I was supposed to. Several things were problematic.

I ran a cross country trail around the school. Most of the ground was beaten bare and hard as a rock. The softer running areas were on sideways slopes. The wooded section of the run was covered with sweetgum seed pods. Gumballs. They are like running on marbles. And then there were the arch supports. One worked perfectly. The other felt like a rock in my shoe. Argh.

My time sucked. My breathing sucked. The hills absolutely conquered me. But no shin splints today.

Of course, the minute I came home and tried to stretch on the floor, my dog was in my face wanting me to play with him.

It was too cloudy for seeing any part of the eclipse. Lightning and storm clouds made for some nice little breezes though.

Maybe I'll have a more pleasant time running at the park, though it is all paved. :(.

My cardio game is definitely NOT in play here. Wondering when I'll hit that point of being comfortable with panting.

I guess I just don't spend enough time panting. ;). Don't look at me -- I've been trying. I suppose running will have to be the only thing I breathe hard for.

I'm beginning to fear I'm always going to be fat and absolutely disgusting even though I exercise.

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