Friday, June 1, 2012

Are Bobby Pins the Answer? (yes!)

I'm trying to figure out a way around taking a hair dryer and curling iron to Italy. Aw, don't give me that ponytail crap. My hair is layered, so most of it won't stay in a ponytail longer than a minute.

I think bobby pins may be the answer. If I towel dry my hair as much as possible and then pin all the sections of hair in place, it might air-dry out of my eyes. Otherwise, without a dryer, my hair likes to slip heavily into my eyes. I'm sure that in the hot Mediterranean sunshine my hair won't take long to dry, so I just have to keep it tamed while that happens.

It's a bit rebellious. I like my hair, but it still has a mind of its own some days.

No, a butch haircut isn't the solution either. I'm keeping my hair shoulder length. No offense, I just need to look feminine. I'll experiment with the pins and hope for the best.

Though you may see me sporting a lovely Italian scarf if my hair goes nuts on me. :D

*** June 2, 2012

Well, the bobby pins WORKED. It took around 20 of them to lightly secure most of the little chunks of my hair until it air-dried. The results were worth the silliness though. :). True, the result is punkier and shinier than my hair usually looks, but it came out much the same way once dry.

A couple of hours in the heat should let me take the pins down and have dry styled hair without lugging a hair dryer and curling iron to Europe. That is going to leave a substantial amount of space in my suitcase. :D. Happy!

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