Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here I sit on the edge of the tub, soaking my feet in some lovely rose scented hot Epsom salt-water. For some reason, the lovely pink color turned yellow when the water hit it. Lol. Okay, I made it several years ago and the soap dye I used was obviously a bit unstable. It's fine. The salt still works.

I'm hoping it will help with my sore toe. :D I removed a hangnail last night. My cuticles grow way too long at the edges so I get these long daggers of very sharp nail that grow parallel to my nail beds, and into my toes.

Yeah, ouch. Just one of those things because I don't have flat monkey toenails. ;). Mine are really curved at the sides, and while this lets me have cute little feet, conventional pedicure wisdom does not help.

But those hangnails. Well, leave them, and they become ingrown. Try to cut them, and they just end up shorter and harder to maneuver into a less painful position. All I can do is pry them up and slowly pull on them until they break off. Trust me, it takes months longer for them to come back than if I try trimming my toenails in some silly way. (These aren't a part of my nail, okay? Definitely cuticles). What I need is a boyfriend with a foot fetish.

*snicker* Okay, maybe not, but I can see where that might have its perks. Lol

Today I'm feeling the resultant soreness from the tearing and bleeding. I'm just trying to help nature take its course. If I leave them alone, well, letting infection occur is truly one of those overrated experiences in life. I'll pass.

As you do. ;)

I saw a pattern for some cuddly warm crocheted boots but I do not see paying $8 for a pattern that is for personal use only. So I've been trying to draft my own version in a different stitch and method.

If it is stealing to copy a boot which has a leg cuff, instep, and sole, then I'll bet that bootmaker thousands of years ago is really angry that all shoemakers have copycatted him. Mmhmm. That's right. Hardly an original idea, is it?

I've been trying to make my own design while reading fan fiction (because I CAN crochet without looking) and I haven't come up with a sole design that satisfies me. I'd like to make my own size-scalable pattern. But I realize that techniques which work for my own small feet don't necessarily suffice for women with Sasquatch feet.

Oh don't get mad. I've got little feet. You know what they say about a man with big feet? What it means?

He is less clumsy and definitely more stable for walking. ;). Small footed clumsy woman here.

I know I can figure out the boots. I don't like the bubble-leg style the original designer used anyway. Straight legs for me. There is always a way....

When I was a little girl, I sat in our backyard braiding longleaf pine needles and wondering how I could make something with them. A few years later, I taught myself to make coiled baskets with them. :)

So don't tell me what I can't do. It just makes me more determined to prove you wrong.

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