Saturday, June 2, 2012

Building a Gypsy Vardo

Oh, not me. :). I wish! Carpentry is not a skill I've acquired. But I'm good with my hands and definitely trainable. Lol

But... This lady has built two. Or is it three? Absolutely gorgeous!

She even shows how to build them, though without specs on the dimensions or the trailer build, but I bet she could put you in touch with the trailer manufacturer.

So what would I do with one besides camping? Hmm. I could go to craft fairs like I'm always being told and sell the blankies I make. :D. Maybe some of my jewelry. Maybe some other stuff. There's lots of stuff I can do but I need to remain gainfully employed.

There is also this modernized, higher tech version. :). Bathroom, shower, hot and cold running water, microwave, range. Wow. Personally, I would leave out the microwave and have more storage for things like blankets. Maybe have storage racks on the walls as well for things like plates.

Maybe I want too much - modern functionality with old-fashioned coziness. ;)

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