Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FedEx, Let's get fabri-nerdy

But is it nerdy if you are waiting on fabric, rather than tech stuff? Hmm. In other words, kindly hurry your slow butt up. If you can make it from one continent to another in a day, surely you can make the 2 hour drive here today???

I've already been waiting over a week for you, after all. ;)

I'm waiting on a shipment of 6 yards of 58 inch wide knit jersey fabric in red and black. Can an occasional seamstress be considered a nerd?

No, it isn't for a pirate outfit THIS time. Lol. Maybe next time! Work now, pirate wench later. Arr!

Actually, it's for a couple of multi-garments for work, and maybe for travel. If I had a dressmaker's form, I'd show you how the finished clothes look, but I don't, and frankly, I'm not willing to commit to a form at this size, which I don't intend to keep anyway.

I could make a duct tape form, but that requires the assistance of a second person who is going to see me half naked at some point. Um, no.

No, I'm not huge, but I'm intent on sprucing myself up a bit. I'm at the painful beginning of adding running to my life, if I'm permitted, haha. Why? Great for weight loss and staying fit, and just darn fun when it doesn't hurt.

My arms, legs, and face were the first parts to show weight loss and my legs are starting to show some definition. Yeah, looks like it is going to be a "work from the outside in" kind of progression. The irony is that my calves, already shaping up, can't be seen because I'm wearing compression sleeves on them. Haha. Black ones. Yes, they look kind of sporty instead of like support hose. I would buy some colored ones if I could find running shirts for myself that... they... could.... match...

Yes, I do realize that matching running clothes at this point is as necessary as worrying about my bra straps showing when I run. They're going to show because they cross my back in an x and tend to hug around my neck annoyingly. Just a part of it, unfortunately.

The world (and I) should just be thrilled that someone now makes a serious bra for running, in my size. Actually, I think there are two! Sorry, I'll never have a cute variety of colors or styles. Need a small bra size for that. You know I don't wear a small bra. Lol. Uh oh.

I think the lack of variety for the DD sizes is revenge from flat-chested lingerie designers. Oh, if I could just let them see life from my point of view, they would not be jealous at ALL.

Running would be a lot easier if my torso would just drop a fast twenty pounds so I could get on with it. Ease up on my legs, get moving further and faster. But let's face it -- I'm not a guy and all that fitness stuff gets ridiculously complicated for women.

All this over a stupid rib? Keep your rib! I'll even give you my period as a parting gift bonus! No wonder men lose weight so easily, if they were made from dirt in the first place. A little water, and poof, there goes ten pounds!

These garments would have been a piece of cake if the local store sold jersey knit. Mmm hmm, I'm telling you. I could make all sorts of cute outfits from it. But no, they act like it is some kind of exotic special material.

It's just freaking plastic..... It used to be manufactured on the other side of the block from my house, for crying out loud. Thanks for sending fabric making jobs to China and India!

Can you tell I woke up with a headache? ;). A couple of Tylenol and a very large homemade latte will do the trick to knock it out before it becomes a migraine. I hope.

My brother tells me we may be making a ten hour road trip soon... In 8 hours. Yeah. I'm kinda nervous. I should have three bags made by arrival time, in that case! Either that, or I could finish my bits-and-pieces scrap blanket. It is halfway finished.

I must have lived a previous life in the Great Depression. Something challenges me to use up every last useful bit in a useful way. Well, the useful bits of worsted yarn were wearing on my conscience so I decided to see what I could do with my favorite stitch. :).

The only catch... All those freaking ends to weave in at the end. On the bright side, this blanket is going to be an absolute riot of color that looks almost woven.

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