Friday, June 15, 2012

Food For the Worms

Not only did I make a pretty mulch ring for my yard, I also decluttered a lot of cardboard boxes, recycled them, and provided food for the worms.

Yay. Multitasking. I hate cleaning. I hate gardening. Nevertheless, I'd love to have an English garden in my backyard with plenty of room for fruits, veggies, and herbs. No water access back there, though.

I have a small, crummy, shady yard in a not-so-good part of town. The local weeds are incredibly invasive, and a previous owner buried a lot of garbage under the grass.

Believe me, I would love to gut my yard and fulfill a few of my own wishes. Upkeep deters me though. I'm not into bugs, heat, humidity, weeding, dirt, or daily watering with a hose that snakes for 100+ difficult feet all the way around my house.

Yeah, it's like that. To keep something like that looking nice, it takes hours of work daily.

Can't I just get some plastic shrubs and concrete the whole darn thing? *whimper*

Please, if you can tell me a better way to get easy maintenance, speak up. I'll put in pretty stuff if I don't have to give it all my spare time.

I know some people have concerns over cardboard baking toxic. Well, the picture I took of the decomposing mulch from last year would show you some healthy enriched soil, but it was blurry and I didn't notice until I had laid the mulch and many hours had passed.

My dogwood tree is growing amazingly, and that stubborn hosta in the picture refuses to die, though I have tried to smother it for years. Lol. Besides, I'm never going to plant food under the dogwood tree anyway. Please, no lectures on my choice of mulch. I don't have the desire to deal with a truckload of local mulch all at once. I went to the county landfill once and got a load of leaves from people's yard waste to mix with mulch. It was full of non-biodegradeable and very personal garbage. Eww.

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