Friday, June 1, 2012

Gypsy Wagons

Since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated with portable homes. I think it goes back to the camper we had when our house was first built. I remember going into it and playing with my older sister even though the top was compressed for travel. Hey, we were toddlers, so it was a great playhouse.

The childish glee I felt with each night I got to sleep in a tent was something I always kept a secret. For some reason, it just seemed like a real treat to me to sleep almost outside like that.

I love Gypsy wagons now that I'm older (and NO, that is not because of the two men of Gypsy descent that I actually know and the third I've been drooling over since I was 11. LOL) I've researched my genealogy and through several hundred years of generations, I can find no reason I have an olive skin. tone. Genetic roulette, maybe. oh I don't mind anymore, I'm just curious.

What gorgeous little homes!! All of the intriguing compactness of a camper, but a million times more beautiful. *sigh*

The Internet provides lots of photos of vardos, and even sources to buy them and learn to build your own in workshops. Oh, to have the barest of carpentry skills and build one. I'd love that. :) If I had children I'd have a wonderful excuse to build them one as a playhouse. Or a guest house. Or even an art studio for myself.

Obviously, I want one. I'd prefer to build it. Anybody want to embark on this learning project with me and teach me some new skills?

Now I'll admit I'd like one that looks old fashioned but has some modern amenities. Solar panels and some electrical hookups would be great, as well as a tiny bathroom in the corner. I've seen them with showers included, so I know it is possible. :) I'd also like for the top to be collapsible for travel. Aerodynamics, really. No horror stories of wind catching it on the highway and causing a nasty accident.

As far as decorations go? Well, just like my bedroom, I guess you could say that the interior would be Bohemian goth. Hahaha

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