Sunday, June 10, 2012

Healing Day

All right ! I will stop pushing myself to cover the distance of a 5k every time I do a training run. From the ever-increasing pain in my shins yesterday, I'm not ready yet.

I will give my evil inner drill sergeant a few vacation days, while I wear my shin sleeves Yes, they do make my legs feel better from the moment I put them on.

Thursday night I ran. Friday I sprinted to and from the courthouse (it didn't hurt while I was doing it). Saturday I shopped in another city. Today... I'm going to be sitting on my bed. I already got a phone request for a third day of hang-out time with my nephew but I have to be honest: it's 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon and I'm still lying prone in bed.

I had one crazy-long dream this morning that was packed full of blatant warnings for me to be careful.

I was running a 5k race around the University I graduated from. First through the quad, running consistently with no walk breaks, which was fine for me because everybody else was doing the same. There was some fellow already on the other side far ahead, so maybe we just wanted to not be embarrassed by a poor showing.

Then into a building on the east end of campus for water, which turned out to be Rice Krispies treats and little half cups of lemonade instead of water, but we had to run all the way up the stairs to the third floor to get it, and to continue on the designated path.

Through all of this I was rolling my eyes and glad I was finally in perfect shape for running. Light and no pain or struggle at all. (Obviously, this is perfection only possible in my dreams.) I don't even think my breathing was audible to everyone within a quarter mile of me. :). In reality, if nobody is around, I gasp and pant as loudly as I want. If someone is near, I try to choke quietly.

Through a building with lemonade and cereal instead of water? Other than expecting a side cramp shortly thereafter, I started wondering if these idiots knew anything about setting up a simple foot race. I mean, a University with a track team? Sheesh.

Shortly after exiting that building, the very torn up sidewalk developed an incline that was so steep I had to climb up, using my hands. Oh, forget about running with a few hills in your way! Ha ha. By the time I made my way up and began running again, I felt I'd lost so much time that I had to run at my fastest possible speed. Apparently, it was a shockingly fast pace because people were standing with their mouths hanging open, staring. Some were commenting about it.

At some point before I made it to the next building where the finish should have been, I became aware that I had leaned forward and was using my arms for running too. I don't know what they really were but they were more like legs. Yep. I was running like a werewolf.

Hmm. Maybe that's why people were staring. That's not something you see every day! Lol I guess shape shifting wasn't against the rules. ;)

I never could find the finish line. Nobody in or around that building could tell me where it was. Sad. It was my best running time yet. All that effort for nothing.

Me that close to finishing and not being able to. Well ha ha! Where would my brain ever get THAT thought? ;). I'm just totally clueless about that one.

First warning: don't overdo it or I'll get hurt and need weeks of recovery time that will obliterate all previous work toward my goal.

I got mad and quit, because it seemed like trying to find the finish was just a stay in Limbo anyway. I realized I needed a bathroom, and when I found one, some chick stole my phone while I was peeing, and some pervy guy stared while I was taking care of my private business.

Second warning: don't trust people with your stuff or your private matters. Lol

After trying to find her and give her a serious beating for robbing me, I headed back to my dorm, which had been rebuilt in a glamorous new architectural style that seriously dazzled my eyes. There was a karate demonstration going on behind the building which was interesting for a half second.

Then I noticed my dog was sniffing around a basket of months-old dyed Easter eggs and I made him get away before he tried to eat one. Then I noticed the huge pet snake someone had put next to the eggs. Oh, I suppose the eggs were for the snake to eat. It was a big yellow snake.

I was asking the snake's owner if it was safe to let him eat old eggs like that, when I noticed the snake's mouth closing over my dog's already-enclosed head. Yes, he had swallowed my dog that quickly! So I made his owner pull my dog back out of the snake. I was thoroughly disgusted with that reptile's greed. My poor little dog had been altered by his brief experience in the snake and was now talking to me about how scared he had been. Yes, in a human voice. Well, if I had known a near-death experience was all it took to make him speak.... He'd still be communicating in dog-speak. ;) I can't risk losing my baby boy.

Third warning: keep a cautious and protective watch over those closest to my heart.

Final subconscious commentary: yes, I need to wake up and go to the bathroom, but having skimped on sleep lately, my legs need the sleep time to heal. Or else.

I plan to take it very easy on my legs today. True Blood Season 5 Premieres tonight, so I will be resting for that.


Psst... Don't tell anybody, but I've been dead asleep since I posted this earlier today. It's 6:30. I guess I needed a few extra hours for reconstruction.

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