Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lacy Pretty Things

I bought Interweave Crochet and found these two beauties today. I'd like to make them. :).

I can make them, IF I can find the right kind of thread to do it with. The green top would be quick, too.

The beige dress fairly well fits my old joke about crocheting myself a wedding dress. No time limit on that, of course. I think I'll just wear it to work over some capri leggings like the model.

Oh... I noticed that the blonde model has been Photoshopped. Do you see how they stretched her out to make her taller and thinner? I see it in the warping of the motifs. I believe both models were stretched. Sneaky. Why? Neither could have been unattractive before. Maybe it's so that short chicks like me believe there is hope for wearing something like that.

(Oh come on, I crocheted a more complicated lace pineapple tablecloth when I was 19. )

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