Sunday, June 3, 2012

Less of Me

... To love

I put on my shorts and realized that they are about to fall off of me. LOL in fact, one evil tug will make them slide right off. :D. Hey now, that wasn't a hint!

Hoping that the size check would show I've gone down a couple of sizes, I took a look and discovered that they were already a smaller size -- I've lost four sizes, not two. Yay me!

No diet pills... Just a month of start-and-stop-because-I'm-waiting-on-shin-splints-to-heal running. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I see little signs of body shrinkage here and there which keep me going. Calf definition, abdominal definition, superpowers. You know, the usual. And my cardio endurance is increasing. Need that stamina if I'm going to keep running.

Oh, I feel a little taller, too. Is that psychological, or am I able to stand a little straighter? Perhaps I am forced to stand straighter and taller when I'm running, as I'm trying to train myself for proper form. (Whatever that means.)

Piece of cake already to do 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym, which I may do later tonight after shopping and Game of Thrones. I think that doing elliptical, running, and rest day in that order might be more helpful than trying to put a day of the elliptical between running days when I've hurt myself.

Dang, getting old sucks. I hate to admit that I have to take "age precautions for the physically unfit trying to get fit" but I suppose it's better than living with a stupid injury that may plague me for years. The hip flexor I hurt in 2010 kept me hurting for a solid year. Yeah, ouch. A freaking XBox injury, to boot. That was the last time I played that fitness game, too.

Now that I've ticked off that bucket list goal of knocking two minutes off my 5k time (which wasn't exactly impressive to begin with), I'd like to continue my training without stopping each leg of running seconds early due to shin pain. How long will it take my tendons to get with the program?

The ten pounds I gained over the last month... Well, 6 are gone. Maybe it was water; maybe my metabolism needed a sucker-punch to see that I'm serious about wanting to run.

We can do this the hard way -- with me at an inappropriate weight, or we can do this the easier way, with me burning off the pudge until running is more of a pleasurable activity and less of a discipline-punishment-torture routine.

Yes, I am my own dominatrix. Oh, don't even ask what mean things I say to myself to keep going. No leather involved other than my running shoes. No Christian Grey, although that would be fun. Yeah, shut up. ;)

Oh, as far as eating goes, I've been making sure to get the 60 something ounces of water daily (with MiO), and I've been eating old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast. I mix the milk and oatmeal in a cup and let it sit all night, soaking up the liquid. By morning, it's soft and all I have to do is heat for a minute and throw in a spoonful of raw honey.

I know a lot of people huffily say that they don't drink milk because it is so fattening, but I don't eschew skim milk. I'd rather not have the stress fractures and the extra protein and calcium surely can't be a bad thing. LOL

I don't usually just sit and drink it either, but I make my oatmeal with it and I have a large homemade latte every morning made with skim milk and no water, but with sugar free syrup to flavor it. A little caffeine in the morning is not a bad thing. A Pepsi every day... Well that is a bad thing. But I love them. They're addictive. If I drink one, I will want more, so I'm trying to keep them out of my life as much as possible.

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