Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life's A Beach

Back from the beach and family reunion.

After a very long overnight drive (truthfully, my brother did all of the driving there and back), we arrived in Georgia at my Uncle David & Aunt Diana's house at 5 in the morning. It couldn't be helped.

Dylan, their dog, jumped up in the truck with us when we arrived and I had to do a double-take because he looked just like my sweet Terra, who is gone but never far from my thoughts.

The next day we went to see our Grandmother and Aunt Nell, who just lost her husband a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday we went to the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina, which was lovely. I discovered by accident how to find sand dollars. They felt like sandpapery disks under my feet, but I was a little too creeped out to dig one up, so my brother took care of getting a few for his son who was enjoying his first visit to the beach by building sand castles.

I regret not getting any pictures actually AT the beach, but I didn't trust all the strangers around not to steal either my phone or my camera if I had left it lying there unattended. There was no way to really hide either one, unfortunately.

I suppose a disposable camera could have been bought, but I'm not the only one who can buy one. *sigh* Next time. I guess I don't have to hold onto that little twinge of regret myself, just being an aunt. Still, I beat myself up over parent things I didn't think of, though I'm not a parent.

I did think to buy a queen-sized orange flat sheet to lay out on the sand do that our towels would stay a little less sandy. We piled some sand on the edges to hold it down in the wind i think it worked pretty well! It also gave us an easy way to find our spot on the beach. And I wasnt the first person to think of it -- i saw another sheet a short distance away, in aqua. Niiice!

First thing that happened, of course, was that I got (accidentally) sprayed with a little sand by my nephew, while I was lying on my towel, sunning myself. Lol. Well, you can't go to a beach and avoid a little sand. :D. No worries. I ended up with it all over me anyway, even stuck to my scalp and in my mouth. I blame the waves for that.

I enjoyed it though. :) I just wish I hadn't fallen asleep in the sun. I fried my upper back, despite the sunscreen I had sprayed on myself. I also wished that I had showered off before I left the beach because having a sunburn coated with salt and sand makes for a truly unpleasant rest of the day. Lesson learned.

I spent the next two days guzzling water and Tylenol and ended up with a mild case of sun poisoning. Just the headache, fever, and pain. No nausea, thank God. Still, it's four days later and I still feel like my back has been beaten raw.

I couldn't reach the middle of my back with Solarcaine gel, so I bought some Solarcaine spray which helped immensely -- until today. Now it stings like crazy. I suppose my skin might just be splitting open, despite the moisturizer.

I repurposed a kitchen tool for some help. I used my Pampered Chef Baker's Roller to spread Solarcaine gel into those hard to reach places between my shoulders. ;). Worked like a charm!

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