Friday, June 15, 2012

My Stashbusting Blanket

Well, using a lot of very short scraps, anyway! Lol

I've used Tunisian crochet many times to create blankets, and after a start on a granny square afghan that annoyed me, decided to do it this way instead.

I wanted the result to look woven and be able to incorporate shorter lengths of yarn that wouldn't be enough for the first round of a granny square. Honestly, playing the guessing game of wondering whether my scrap yarn was long enough to complete a round got on my nerves, especially when I came up just a foot or short and had to rip out nearly a whole round of work.

This way I can add in new yarn whenever I want without wasting scraps only a few feet long. Ha.

I like the random additions. I think they add a little bohemian style with random colors in the mix. I've already gotten rid of several tiny annoying balls of yarn this way.

Bit your tongue! Throw useful yarn away? Not me! I have changed one thing from my teen years, though. No longer will there be a bag of hopelessly tangled yarn -- I can do this whenever I feel like it and put it aside if I ever run out of scraps. All I have to remember is that I used a K hook for this. ;)

What is with my calling some projects afghans and some blankets?

Afghans are light and full of holes, fine for summertime and decorative purposes. :).

Blankets are dense and warm, and not prone to toes poking through. Besides, I add foot pockets to all of my blankets. ;). That way you don't have to worry about wrapping a third of the blanket around your feet to keep them warm.

I could have held several strands of yarn together and used a huge hook to finish an afghan in just a few hours, true. But the tangling problem is a huge ordeal for me. My thinner but dense blankets with smaller stitches are snuggle warm without taking up half of a closet. ;). They're still pretty darn thick, and I like to think this stitch has a classier look than the knobbiness single crochet sometimes has.

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