Monday, June 4, 2012

Not the one to be mistrusted

A while back, a friend blocked me from following them on social media. I don't know why. I suppose they were upset at the time and decided that I would tell... Oh, whoever the things they were posting.

The truth is that when I saw those unhappy comments, I felt bad and tried to reach out to this friend to help but got brushed off. In the past this friend had mentioned that certain peers were going and reporting to other people what we said in our public lives.

At the time I remember thinking what a rotten, underhanded thing that was for someone to do. I may have even said it out loud. Uh oh, here I am saying the same thing once again.

The blocking makes me think a couple of things, neither of which I want to believe. Either this person doesn't really want to be my friend (maybe they just want to be acquaintances... That makes me sad if it is the case), or they think that I would run and tell on them to whoever might cause them harm.

Step back a minute, dear friend. You don't know me if you think I'm a shallow backstabber. What could I possibly have to gain from that? I'm not exactly respected in the community, (after all, I am a *nobody* and I'm not married to a *somebody* as is often held to be important around here. Such things have no importance to me. Local wannabe aristocracy is a bit of a joke...) and I certainly have no connections to anyone important. I believe those ties are forged locally, at least, in church. Specific churches, don't you know.

I think you do know me well enough to understand why church is something I shy away from though I never told you why. Someday I'll write about it and maybe you'll see it. Or maybe not, since you seem to have shut me out for the most part.

I don't have the energy to do all of that phony social-climbing. Other than that, I'm afraid you'll have to give me a valid reason why you act as though you hate me, or I'll have to assume it is purely your choice to act this way toward me.

Oh well, you have nothing to fear from me, but if you wrongly lay blame for the spy-and-tell on me, I fear you may be overlooking the actual culprit. it isn't me. I join you in the victim's pool. All I can do is silently regret the misunderstanding I wasn't aware had happened.

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