Saturday, June 9, 2012

Odd things I've been asked lately

"What are you doing??" - this as I was dressed in a tank top, running shorts, running shoes, shin sleeves, and a fine layer of sweat, and running, out of breath, around the building where I work. So I answered honestly - I'm running a 5k.

"What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?" - well, since I was talking to someone who never turns the tv off and often criticizes me for not making time to watch a few hours of the tv news every night, I said I have no idea. I'm not a meteorologist, and I don't watch much tv. I rarely watch the news. I can't change my dreary life, let alone the world.

"Can we stay here a while longer?" This one simultaneously amused and exasperated me, as we had been "here" at the coffee shop for five hours already. I promise, it's not *me* who likes to stay there so long! Lol. I fell asleep twice while we were there.

"Why aren't you in --- with that crowd?". :) Quite simply, that is not my crowd. They don't consider me part of their social circle and they didn't invite me. I'm probably not good enough. Oh dear. ;)

"That's just for rich people isn't it?" Well, no, anyone could go on a student tour of another country if they can afford to pay their way, because airlines don't let "poor" people (like me) travel for free. That's why there was a year to pay for the trip.

I needed that option myself. I worked a lot of extra hours to pay for it, too. Many of those hours were fraught with unhappiness knowing I could otherwise be home to sleep away my depression. I had to pay more because I'm not a student.

If you want to do something grand, sometimes you have to make it happen by yourself. It's rare that someone out there wants to pay for you to do extravagant things without you lifting a finger in return.

I wish! Most of the time when you work hard, some bill comes up or someone steals from you and you have to kiss your dreams goodbye.

They had those trips when I was a student too, but my parents wouldn't consider paying for it or trusting me to remain the good kid I always was while someone else watched over me.

By the way, there are several trips throughout the year that the "poor kids" (not my term, theirs) are taken on at no cost to themselves. Even weekend trips. Bet I wouldn't have gotten to go on one of those though.

Heck, I'm still not allowed to go on them as a chaperone People in charge get to pick and choose who they want. Some things never change.

It just took this long for the teenage me to get to do some of the stuff I wanted way back then. :) But I hate to break it to you -- if I had the means to pay other kids' way for them, I've got nephews that would get first priority over strangers' kids.

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