Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Otterbox Confuses Me

Otterbox did send me a replacement case last week, in the color I requested because my original color was unavailable. It was sent 2nd day Air, I believe, so it arrived quickly. Yay!

I came home from Georgia last night to find a FedEx padded envelope waiting in me from... Otterbox. I suppose this is the one they sent after I told them they made a mistake and they claimed that it was just an error on paper, and they were sending the right one all along.

Okay. I accepted that. As of last night I had my old Otterbox and the replacement, because they didn't send the mailer they said they would, for return of the old broken case. I assumed Quality Control would be looking at it as with any possibly faulty item.

Today the mailman knocked on my door to let me know he was leaving a package. I thought it was someone else knocking so I threw on a shirt (ouch! My sunburn!!!) and went out to find....

Another package from Otterbox.

Inside this one WAS a green Commuter case. The same one they said they weren't sending. Merely an error on paper, according to the nice lady I spoke to on the phone.

Still no information for sending returns to them, so here I sit with one in-use Otterbox Defender, one defunct Otterbox Defender, one new Otterbox Defender, and one new Otterbox Commuter fit for the army.

I'm guessing that in a large company, it might be difficult to know what is actually going on between department sections. I'm sure I was given answers that were honest, though possibly a little ignorant.

Hey, all I was hoping for was a replacement case similar in color to my old one, and I got it, so now I'm considering what I'm supposed to do with the others...

Gosh, I need a nap. Lol

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