Monday, June 25, 2012

Overheating In Purgatory

Is that fresh asphalt I smell, or are my leg hairs on fire?

On i20 west into Atlanta, the interstate is being repaved. It is 98 degrees at mid afternoon in late June.

And the vehicle we are traveling in is beginning to overheat. Know what you have to do if this happens and you can't pull over?

Believe it or not, I am the one who remembered this remedy, unpleasant as it is. (Pat me on the back -- go on -- you know you wanna!)

Despite the fact that it is a scorching hot day, you have to turn your car's heater on full blast, as hot as it will go, with the fan on high.

You voluntarily roast yourself because the heater pulls hot air off the already hot engine of the vehicle. It's an emergency way to dump excess heat from the engine when it begins to overheat.

I know, it sounds incredibly masochistic, but you probably don't want to be trapped on the side of an interstate in Georgia in the middle of summer, do ya? Just remember the tip. It has helped me more than once.

Ever hear "hotter than Georgia asphalt"? Hot enough to fry an egg on it today. I mean that quite literally.

By the way, there isn't any hair on my legs to catch fire. ;)

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