Thursday, June 7, 2012

Classroom Creation & Pay for the Red Man

Once again, inspired by Pinterest. :)

I'm going to make curtains for my classroom this year, now that there is once again a local source of fabric. And yes, I'll probably go a little overboard and make a set for every holiday, provided there are holiday fabrics to choose from.

:D. A little whimsy is a good thing, yes?

I saw photos of a polka-dot stenciled wall and thought it was Cricut-cut vinyl. No, just paint. But why couldn't I use my Cricut to cut paper or vinyl and simply hot glue a wavy series of bubble across my walls? Or some other shape that provides a little interesting motion? Stars in undulatingly incrementally increasing sizes?

Nothing says I can't, and I'm truly the purple sparkly sheep to make it happen. Ooh, and I can add glitter too. /Win!

I need to bring some life into my room. A little eye-candy never hurt anyone, and I do try to create posters in Photoshop with bright visual appeal.

Hey, that reminds me... I've got my Pop Art class I should be working on. And I believe my class on mobile Keynote scrapbooking starts tomorrow.

But then again, jury duty rears its head and takes over the tiny little unpaid summer break that I have. and I thought I would actually be allowed to relax and prepare for my trip. Maybe even get some Christmas gifts going, considering that I've now received a third request for a soft and cuddly crocheted blanket.

A woman now owes the jolly red man three. The three must be appeased. A woman will require the rest of her pay to purchase the expensive materials. Lol

(I'm going to miss Jaqen on Game of Thrones. I hope they flout canon and bring him back. I hope Tom Wlashchiha gets a lot of roles in movies I can actually see. I hope i can someday hear how that monster of a surname is pronounced. Yeah, it's like that.)

Oh, did I just dispel a myth? No, teachers don't get paid vacation time. We get paid for 200 8 hour days of work, and all the extra days and hours we put in on our own time are not compensated.

Confused that I get 12 paychecks a year? Okay, let's take your monthly pay and only give you part of your take-home pay. About 4/5 of it is yours and the rest is held back for that summertime check. Oh, I'm sorry, you get all of your money every month, don't you?

I don't. I'm a teacher. That June check is the pay from five months last fall that I wasn't paid 100%. I'm not complaining. It makes budgeting and paying bills less complicated. It works for me. ;) I just want people to understand I'm not getting paid for days off. And now I'm not going to be getting my days off, it would appear.

*sigh*. I hope they will let me have a notebook or a project to work on if I'm going to have to wait around a lot. I hope I can figure out where to park. This is going to wreck the relaxing effect of my massage just before I have to show up. Argh.

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