Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reused MiO bottles. :)

I put olive oil in one and tossed it into my travel bag. (I made a moisturizing scrub while traveling.). Worked like a charm, and it was easy to control just how much oil I dispensed. My olive oil comes in a bottle with a pour spot, so a bottle that squirts just a little bit will come in handy.

I had a bottle of hand soap with about half an inch of soap left in it, but that was too low for the dispenser straw to pump out. (It was a limited edition Bath & Body Works fragrance that I love, so I wanted to use it all.).

I put in a little bit of water to get the thickened soap fluid enough to pour out and put it in a MiO bottle. It works great and the stop still bubbles like crazy. No more wasted soap. ;)

I gave my dog a bath tonight because he was scratching and biting like there was no tomorrow and looking a bit scruffy. After his flea and tick shampoo, I have found that putting my conditioner on him keeps his hair soft and less likely to tangle. (He's a Yorkie -- his hair is more like human hair than dog fur anyway.).

Of course, it works better to add half water to the conditioner, so I might put that in a MiO bottle to make his next bath easier. Full strength conditioner can be a bit hard to rinse out of a wiggly, shivering, unhappy wet dog.

Oh don't worry. After his bath and drying time, he went through his usual ultra-frisky period and then got right in my face to cuddle and give me kisses to tell me he's glad he had a bath after all. Hey, when my dog is unhappy, he hides under the bed. In my face being affectionate equals happy puppy.

Now that I think of it, I might put some of his dog shampoo in a MiO bottle too. The full sized bottles are hard to reach and grab without knocking them into the tub, but small bottles could just float right in the tub with him.

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