Saturday, June 2, 2012

Run 6...

... Was PAINFUL last night! The breathing problem I took care of by doing a couple of minutes of jogging during my warm up to force a deeper breathing rhythm earlier. So no pain from breathing.

My right shin, however, started performing a symphony of pain during my first official running leg which was only a minute and a half. It felt like a solid ache -- an echo of what it feels like when I break a bone. (Toe, tailbone, and collarbone, if you want to know. Collarbone when I was two. Dairy is now my friend.). More than just pain, it feels like there is a rottenness inside the area that is broken.

I did a lot of limping last night.

That stupid femoral nerve that my neurosurgeon says is "irritated" decided to show just how angry it really can be. It kept twanging pain through my thigh -- that usually signals an imminent knee collapse. why couldn't it just stay numb like it has for so much of the last 11 years?

I had just taken the one prescribed rest day since my last "run" so perhaps I pushed myself a little too hard in starting right back. It's really difficult for me to know when I'm legitimately hurting as a warning sign and when I should just push past my whiny excuse for slowing down. How do you gauge the difference?

I guess I need a trainer because the DIY approach may allow me to push myself too far, but I was always under the impression that a trainer pushes you farther anyway. What to do.... I feel like a real wimp taking a day off to heal my booboos.

Several things could be to blame for last night. Connective tissues aren't stretched enough to handle the pounding from running out of shape as I am, so they're tearing.

I'm overweight and that makes running more destructive for me. (I'm running to lose weight, so, catch-22, anyone?? Yeah.) I'm also a tiny bit over 40. Hey, at least I don't smoke and I'm trying to do something for my health, right?

I forgot to to do my shin stretches before running. Totally forgot! I should just do those all day long, I'm thinking. I bought some resistance bands last night to help with this.

My shoes don't fit me right. I need to be fitted for the right ones because I can't control what part of my foot is hitting the pavement. I actually ran heel-striking for the last two legs last night because it hurt too much when I pushed off from the ball of my foot but I couldn't find the middle of my foot at all. So it looks like a trip to Memphis is in order for a fitting.

I iced, elevated, and took Tylenol, but still both of my shins ached down in the bones until I slept. Ouch. Maybe it's not a stress fracture but a strained tendon. I tried to follow my dad's advice for a heating pad but I couldn't find mine.

So today I feel like my shins are a little bruised. Surely I'm not going to have to take a whole day off between workouts forever. Hopefully I'll come to a point when I'm strong enough to exercise again every day.

Being able to run every day would be great, considering how much healthier I feel inside after a short recovery period. But that aching tends to kill the benefit, currently.

I made cinnamon toast last night while I was hurting. Kind of childish, but I was right, it did make me feel less like crying over my aching legs.

Today I'm taking it easy and staying off my feet for a while. Hopefully, it'll promote healing.

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