Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Run in the Park

... Was definitely NOT a walk in the park! I had forgotten how hilly the park track was. I've been training on a flat path and according to my app, I ran uphill to the tune on 75 feet.

As soon as my warmup finished and I was instructed to start running, I hit the worst hill in the park. Blah. It wore me out just going up that hill.

It fairly demoralized me that I couldn't maintain a jog when I was supposed to. What the heck is wrong with me, anyway? I suppose it was the 75 feet of hills, because my gut tells me I did worse repeating this last tub than I did the first time I ran it.

Maybe it was too much of a challenge at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the brighter side, my shins didn't pain me like they have been. :D. I was able to concentrate on planting my feet firmly with each step (until the sheer fight for survival on the hills) and pushing off with my calf muscles. I could really feel a difference.

Oh. There was one other thing that changed. I noticed on my last few runs that I've been rolling my right foot to the outside on landing, trying to avoid the arch support I've never gotten situated comfortably on my right foot. I removed that one as a test to see if there was a difference.

Big difference. I actually forgot that it had ever been there and was able to put that foot to the pavement the correct way. :). I suppose I'm slowly starting to improve my gait and form. Now if my actual physical form would follow suit and start dropping pounds, this would all happen faster and with less pain.

Thanks so much. Lol

My time is bothering me, and I know I should let it go until I can run the distance without problems. I'm not a young girl anymore and I have to balance determination with sensibility. I can't afford to keep getting hurt and wait for healing to finish.

So... A goal. I suppose my goal for now should be to keep running for the entirety of each running segment, instead of taking 10 second breaks after every minute, just to survive. I gasped far too much and felt like a complete loser for it.

I'm hoping to get to a place where it stops feeling like I'll never get my breath back. Is there such a place, where you don't worry you'll die before the finish?

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