Saturday, June 9, 2012

Self Destruction

I was chosen for the first jury panel this morning and told that my vacation won't be held against me. Yay. Then I am yours during my term, circuit court. Though I am still pissed you are usurping my precious time off.

I forgot some papers I needed and with 7 minutes before jury selection time, I jogged to my car and back. No, it wasn't a long distance but it was certainly the WRONG thing to do.

When I sat down my shin tendons started aching. Then they started throbbing. Then they started to really hurt. I tried stretching in the bench and massaging too but the pain came from inside by the bone.

I have to face the fact that I can not run two days in a row without serious pain. Hopefully I can eventually conquer this problem. Tibialis anterior tendinitis. You know, there's a four letter word expressly for this situation. Very Anglo-Saxon sounding.

Something else I'm probably doing wrong in my usual spirit of self-destructive competitiveness: I've turned every training run into a 5k. Literally going the distance. Sure, it's a decent challenge for my heart, but I shouldn't do that to my legs.

This is a two steps forward, one step back deal. If I don't stop torturing myself, it might turn into one step forward and two steps back until that muscle snaps and rolls up like a cheap roller blind.

I suppose I should just stick to the strict regimen of my training app and stop trying to add in extra warmup and cool down times that actually include yet more running.

I'm possessed by something that demands I increase my distance at the same time I'm trying to get through the third week of an 8 week gradual training program.

What happens is hat it puts me out of commission for at least two full-rest days, and that means that I'm slipping behind on my alternating days training schedule.

Yeah, stupid and self-destructive, but I only have myself to blame. I want results NOW -- I don't want to wait a reasonable amount it time increasing my distance a smidgen at a time.

Instant gratification. Guilty, right here.

Maybe if I go a little easier and stick to the training I will beat the shin splints plaguing me for good.

Well, at least the cardio aspect of it all is getting in line. Now I have two full days to do no running. Gee, thanks. I'll take "it's going to take more than another five weeks to finish" for $500, Mr. Trebek

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