Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smellin' Like a Pickle

I'm trying out a sunburn remedy that makes no sense to me.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Internet sites rave about the magical sunburn-relieving properties of vinegar.

It's acetic acid, for Pete's sake! On burned skin? Well, even aloe is causing me to sting quite a bit, so this can't be too much worse, I suppose. At least I can saturate a hand towel in the mixture of vinegar and water and completely cover the burned parts of me.

News flash: it still stings if my shoulders and back are even slightly flexed. I suppose that's my desiccated skin tearing apart. Oh get over it. That's just what happens. Skin burns. Moisture is sucked out. Dehydrated skin tears and eventually peels away.

It just does.

So I suppose molting is inevitable. Lol

Supposedly, vinegar helps with the redness and swelling of a sunburn. This is as good a time as any to test a few homeopathic remedies.

Oatmeal may be next. Eh... I'll have to buy some more before I can grind it into powder first. I don't think I have enough after my recent love affair with oats. Lol

Hmm. I just realized I still have some of my homemade tea tree oil soap. :). I could try it, but it does sometimes dry my skin so that might be counter-productive.

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