Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steel Cut Oats


You can't just soak them in milk overnight and expect them to be ready to heat and eat in the microwave, as it turns out. ;). Ok, I only tried that with one serving. As far as I know, I'll have to stand over the stove for a full half hour stirring these things in order to make them edible.

Of course I won't do that for a mere single serving. I'll make five or six servings and then put them in canning jars to ... be reheated the rest of the week. What? That's not lazy! It's smart planning. I can assure you there is nothing noble about spending a half hour cooking every morning just for one person.

Right now they are the consistency and size of soggy Grape Nuts, and I'm waiting for them to cool. Yeah, I nuked them, so what? I have to run in a couple of hours and I need some fuel. Every day I have slept late and I need to get to bed a lot earlier.

I did find some beige knit capris for my flight, and I ordered some stretch jersey material to make one of those multi-wrap things. Yay me! I don't see the point in cutting panels and then sewing them back together in very obvious seams. I think all I will do is cut the armholes and then sew on the snaps.

My middle nephew cleared away some dread for me about running at the park. I hate that one hill... I really hate it. Running up it is a nightmare and pulls all of my energy. He said I *could* run down it, carefully. No, I had never before considered running that track in the other direction. Hahahaha. He also suggested that when I come upon that hill, I simply turn around and go the other way. :D. Brilliant, and he's only fifteen.

I put together some granola snack mix for traveling, too. A can of the Planters Energy mix, a can of their Digestive Health mix, a box of M&MS , and a box of Reese's Pieces. Some on the way, some on the way back... Hey, low blood sugar is a problem for me, so I have to plan ahead in case I'm stuck with no food and my sugar drops. Protein is the key.

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