Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stone Temple Pilots and One Cold Shower

There are things I know I should be doing but I am dog tired after the ride back from Georgia (with swollen legs, naturally) and there's not a lot I can do without making the sunburn blisters on my back burst painfully.

Ooh yeah, gross. I'm aware that they are supposed to go away on their own, but every time I move my shoulders forward... They rupture. I know the blood serum is supposed to stay there and protect the damaged skin, but I can't immobilize my arms and even sleeping on my side is difficult. I've already hurt my shoulder doing it, so I have to just hope for rapid healing with no complications.

This may be God's way of ensuring I don't run for a few more days. :). My shins still scream when I squat or kneel, though they are better. I wonder if the 14 steps in my aunt and uncle's house helped but they sure didn't feel like it at the time.

My running bra crosses over my back exactly where the blisters are. I'm not putting it on now for any reason. The blood serum stings and itches when it hits the rest of my skin. What am I, Poison Ivy? Lol. Allergic to my own blood components. Eww.

I turned on some Stone Temple Pilots ("Sex Type Thing" -- specifically for my mood - it was the perfect deathrace/crawl/rush hour theme song on Atlanta's 285 yesterday) and took a cold shower I hoped would help. I tried some of my tea tree oil soap, but when it hit the blisters it felt like I was stabbed. Yeah, ouch. Then I tried my in-shower lotion just to moisturize. Maybe it helped.

More pastry roller pressed into medical service. This time I put Neosporin Plus and pure aloe gel on it, and spread it over the painful-but-undiscovered blister zone. Suddenly, the itching and stinging went blissfully cool and silent. :) The relief lasted a good ten minutes.

And now I have turned to Hydroxyzine. I figure if it doesn't calm the itching, it'll at least knock me out. And if it doesn't?

There's another cold shower in my near future.

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