Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel Crafting? Maybe So

I saw a Hipstagram movie that someone had made with something close to 1000 photos and music in under three minutes. It was a "life flashes before your eyes in a millisecond" project interspersed with word cards and it was fabulous.

I want to do something similar with my photos when I return from Italy. :)

I'd also like to create a shadow box for each city that I visited. :). Should I include Madrid and London even though I will only see their airports? Well, I suppose that depends on whether I get anything interesting from those four hours. :D

It seems that my ability to get off a plane and get through an airport quickly has been underestimated by my future traveling companions. Oh yeah, I can get anxious enough to go faster than it would seem possible, and I believe I'm the only runner in the bunch.

It ain't my first time at the rodeo. I've flown solo before and all that without anybody to hold my hand. I think they should be more concerned that I will outpace them. It's a distinct possibility. ;)

I've also seen a map with little hearts cut from maps of places traveled to. Neat idea. :)

I would love to lead some travel groups myself. I just don't know IF I could get enough people interested in going for next summer. Dare I try? My future roommate is going on a tour of Switzerland next summer -- if I could get enough kids interested and able to go, I'd definitely take them with me next year.

Suggestions are welcome for any other travel crafts anyone would like to suggest. And of course, if anyone is interested in coming with me, I'll set up that tour for next summer. :)

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