Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weeds vs Cardboard

I've begun the war once again. The war on Bermuda grass and Nutsedge. I turned my back for a little while and the front flowerbed was overtaken by knee-high grass. Thick, hardy stuff I'm not strong enough to pull by hand. .

So I got the hoe. And quickly realized that someone, meaning well, had scattered my four stepping stones into the flowerbed and they were invisible until I whacked them with the hoe. Dulled the hoe. Almost chopped up my garden hose as well.

Then I went for some shears, which were really dull and managed to cut only a ridiculously small amount of the grass. The only places cleared were under the stones. *sigh*

Now I'm benched with a sudden huge blister in the crook of my thumb that made itself known when the skin tore. Yeah, ouch.

Gloves? What gloves? I'm a Southern girl and I'm too tough for gardening gloves. Okay, maybe I'm wrong about that.

When I asked my dad to teach me how to do things like change the oil in my car or start the push mower, he said, "You're a girl; you can't do any of this and someday you'll have a man to do it for you anyway."

Well that wasn't true. LOL I didn't have a man to help me buy this house, either. what I have is a yard full of bullying, sneering stubborn weeds I haven't ever really managed to conquer. Last year I had the mulch under my trees gorgeously arranges a looking NICE -- for once there weren't rampant weeds growing under the trees.

And then my father, in the spirit of helpfulness, mowed the yard and gleefully sprayed freshly cut Bermuda grass with seeds, directly onto the mulch, thus planting a bumper crop of grass in the area I've worked on for the better part of twelve years. He knew what he was doing. He was laughing. It made me cry. And then it pissed me the hell off.

So here I will go again, smothering whatever is growing with layers of wet cardboard, and then covering it over with the red mulch. The cardboard is a green barrier - plastic is just a huge mess that doesn't work anyway. The cardboard rots, feeds the worms (who love cardboard), the worms feed the soil, and the next year it can just be layered again, right on top. At least with cardboard, it's biodegradable and water still gets through.

Besides, I've always got cardboard boxes coming to my house. and the mulch does look nice done this way.

I poured boiling salt water on the weeds in the driveway cracks. They still look pretty dark green to me. Not a sign of wilting. So much for avoiding chemicals. Roundup it is.

This is the south. Our weeds like to play the banjo and tell you you got a real purty mouth, boy.

I think my problem is that in March, when I should do this project, I never feel well enough to get out and do it. By the time I recover in June and actually have some time, things are out of control and the weeds have started acting like a thug street gang.

And for some reason, I have family members who think that just dropping their cigarette butts all over my carport, driveway, and yard is acceptable. What do I do about that? They don't respect my property. Maybe I should go and redistribute their trash on their own yards. "Oh, you dropped these! Thought you might want them back!". I have yet to see their yards littered like they leave mine. They give me their special non-biodegradable trash, I can give them mine! Used tampons. Lol. Would that give the message that there is one pissed off woman involved in the payback?

Well, I don't smoke, so why should I have to tolerate them treating my yard like a trash can with their soda cans and cigarette butts?

So... Do I even bother spraying Roundup on the weeds first? I suppose I will. Maybe I'll spray, then lay the wet cardboard, then get a few bags of mulch to smother things.

I'd really rather pay someone else to do it, but I can't afford the professionals and the amateurs... Well, you've gotta supervise to make sure things are actually done. I've been burned on that repeatedly.

Perhaps if I just put in an hour each day, it might eventually get done?

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