Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wolf at the Door

There's a wolf howling at my door, trying to get in the house.

Really just an ex of mine but you can probably understand the metaphor. He's predatory and selfish. He's been out of my life for a while and being the user that he is, I have to say I'd rather stay alone if he is my only option.

Right now he nags me wanting to get measurements of the steps my dad made to match my high bed. Seems he has an elderly dog that needs a helping hand getting into the bed and mine will be easy to copy.

Said he would come by to measure them in Friday and then (as usual) kept me waiting all day and then didn't show up. Today he was texting me wanting to know if I was home at lunchtime.

Then he tried a page out of the Christian Grey playbook: sent me a message saying he was coming over at 4:30. Not asking if it was okay or if I'd be home. Just telling me how it was going to be.

Makes me wonder if he thought he could get away with pushing me around while he was planning to be here.

Don't mess with me dude. I'm sufficiently threatened that I would get away with defending myself. As was proclaimed in "Dead Again," karmically speaking, self-defense is very cool. By the way, thanks for the sleepless night of worry, you jerk.

Well, guess what? I wasn't even at home for Mr. Pushy. I was at the dentist, and then I was shopping. Truthfully, I didn't get the texts until much later because I thought it would be rude to leave the ringer on my cell on during my appointment.

I don't respond well to being pushed around. It really gets my back up.

Some part of me says be polite and just let him measure the steps. Another part of me says that's not what he wants and don't trust him at all. Forget being polite. Just continue telling him to stay the hell away from me. I spent too much time being treated worse than a slave.

And yet another part says to take the steps outside and let him copycat the design, and then send him on his way without setting foot in my house.

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