Friday, June 1, 2012

Zensah 1st Impression

Well HELLO! I received my Zensah Shin Compression Sleeves today in the mail and I am wearing them now. So far I like them. :) Very comfy!

They don't feel uncomfortably tight like I thought they would. They feel like a yummy snug pair of legwarmers. Of course, they're not loose and floppy like legwarmers, but my legs are already feeling better, and I'm just sitting on the bed making a blanket.

I do love knee socks, so it doesn't bother me that my calves are covered. ;) Feels like they're being hugged.

It feels like my swollen shins are tingling a little bit, though not like my feet do when they go to sleep. It's a bit like a micro-massage. Kinda soothing.

Now, of course I know that these sleeves have compression patterns worked into them designed to alleviate fluid retention, with no moving parts, ha ha. I wonder if what I'm feeling is the slow alleviation of my perpetual shin edema?

Currently, it feels like relief from my discomfort as well as new support on my shins themselves. Every little bit helps.

If these sleeves continue to make my legs feel better, I might even be wild woman enough to get them in a bold color. You know I won't wait until I'm old to wear purple. It's my favorite color. Hahaha

I just want to keep running.... I'm really starting to enjoy the aftereffects, and I suspect I'm on the cusp of enjoying the actual running as well. It's a goal of mine to enjoy running for its own sake. :)

I just have to whip my out of shape bod into condition for it.

Reality check: I have only completed the first five training runs of my 5k Runner program. The first four were very difficult but on run five I noticed that I can run longer and recover faster. My lungs and heart have risen to the challenge and it looks like I might have lost a couple of pounds. Might. They may have been monthly water retention. It was ten whole pounds this month and that just about broke my heart.

Oh come on, don't act all shocked and icked out. I am a woman of childbearing age and that just comes with the territory. But all the water I've been guzzling apparently wants to stay right in my tissues.

So how long does it take for the human body to stop desperately retaining water once a person decides to stop living in perpetual dehydration?

Hmm.... Let go of the agua -- I promise I'll keep you watered!!

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