Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Accomplish anything?

Well, I did get the curtains for my classroom made and hung. :D. They're cute. I know some of the kids will realize I finally got around to it and some won't know what changed. The matching valance on the door doesn't make me happy though.

My brother wants a shower curtain out of the same fabric. It'll take 4 1/3 yards and as much lining fabric and then I get to learn how to make buttonholes on my new machine. Could be fun.

Dear Everyone, this does not mean I will hem your jeans for you. Not gonna do it. I'm not going to be your beck-and-call girl. I voluntarily sewed up gaping holes in my students' clothes for them and one told me his mother was glad I was going to fix all their torn clothes for them.

Uh, what? I can't do that.

Do someone a favor and they think they're entitled to take advantage of you, is that it? Uh, no. Every year I come back from summer break and discover someone has helped themselves to my classroom stuff.

I'll say it again: we get the same amount of supply money, and I am not your personal supplier of white out, scissors, glue, tape, rubber cement, markers, chalk, super glue, colored paper, batteries, CDs, DVDs, iPhone and iPad power cables. Of course I don't mind giving someone a hank of yarn if they need it, or a few pencils if a kid doesn't have any.

But some people are like freaking locusts. They never pay back what they take and they think if they "borrow" they now own it. So remember this: "I don't have it!". I've helped a lot of people who turn their noses up at me instead of being friendly, so I'm a little cynical regarding the chronic users.

Sorry. :). I don't have a second salary paying for half of my bills like you do. My dog has yet to earn his keep.

The curtains weren't difficult to make, but on one seam the fabric bunched horribly and then the needle bent. *Sigh* Had to go buy a new one, so I got a few other notions I actually needed. Extra needles and bobbins, a seam ripper, quilter's pins, a sewing gauge, pincushion, needle threaders, extra thread. No sign of pattern weights to buy, so I guess I'll be making my own. It's cool. Mine will be awesomely colorful. :D

Once I had the pins, things naturally went a lot faster. Still have a thread tension issue, however. Bobbin thread is a little wonky.

I still want to make some skirts for work, but they just don't sell the right kind of fabric locally. Actually, I want to make some costumes, too. Lol. Perpetual child, I know.

Because of the delay on the curtains, I got nothing else done today. Because of my cramps, I can't sleep right now. I am woman, hear me whimper curled in my bed.

Yard still has to be mowed. I didn't run. (shin splints again, very bad to run on them) I didn't go to the gym either because my brother and I decided to try the new restaurant in town and it was a seriously lackluster meal. Nothing impressive about it at all.

My dog is attached to me today. Hes snuggled against my hip right now, probably being kept awake by my gurgly tummy Maybe it's because I kept having to leave him today. Maybe it's because he can smell that I have hormonal stuff going on and he knows I feel bad. I appreciate his cuddlesomeness, whatever the reason. It's nice to know someone cares. :)

I dealt with a seriously misguided person today. I'd told him he should read Fifty Shades of Grey for his entertainment. I think he believed it would be a handy way to boss himself into my private life, to emulate Christian Grey in some way.

Wow, did he misunderstand. I have zero interest in him that way. Maybe someone (from a very small group in my mind) could do it, but not him. I won't allow it.

I was asked "What if I....?" and I thought, great, here we go again, and please just leave me alone??? My answer? "I'd probably throw up." Literally.

I had already told him I wasn't feeling well, so how could that suddenly turn into a desire to play games with him anyway? Wake up, ok? No? Ok. Lemme see if I can kill your frisky mood then. Refer back to my previous statements about NOT liking to feel used.  And no, he can't drop by.  Not now, not ever.  Arrogant sucker.  I've got my mind on someone else anyway, if he's interested.  I've never been very good at this sort of thing.

:) Peace, love, and hug a tree, man. :). I was gentle even though he didn't deserve it. He's been a jerk to me for far too long. You know what I value in a man? Being nice to me. That IS my "list" of requirements. Apparently, it's too much to ask of most. Lol

Ah, I had more fun playing Kinect darts and tennis last night than i would have with the self-serving idea he put forth anyway. ;) At least I got to laugh during the video game. Better endorphin rush from laughing than running, so far.

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