Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brownie in a Mug

Because I'm feeling pretty down today, I thought maybe a little chocolate would help my mood. What can I say? Its a universal treatment for feeling lonely. And dementor attacks. But I digress.

I found instructions for making a brownie in a mug. :). Simple enough, and it worked great.

HOWEVER, I've had olive oil-based brownies before (she was a cooking newbie and thought it wouldn't matter), and I would recommend using a lighter, more flavorless oil in the recipe. :D. I know the picture shows olive oil, but it's a site for selling mugs with promotional advertising.

Who you gonna trust? A cook or an ad man?

My brownie turned out pretty tasty, and I've an overstock of cocoa powder that's been begging to be used for a while.

Hey, it could have been the Nocino, and I can't share that on a blog post. :)


I subbed Splenda for more than half of the sugar and it was still lovely, though there was the disconcerting feeling that it was really soap flakes I added.

I added a pinch of instant coffee, too, to feed my dark side.

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