Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Endorphin Delirium

52% humidity.
91 degrees.
8:50 pm

Those were my running conditions tonight. It felt like I was running through a hot, thick fog. Like I had a fever and someone wrapped me in an electric blanket as a remedy.

My shins started bothering me again during my first jogging stretch. I needed some relief. Then it hit me -- I was taking an easy beginner's pace, and my steps were barely making any distance for my trouble.

I stretched my legs out, lengthening my stride as I still jogged at a slow pace, but the impact on my shins was less painful and it felt like I was covering more distance.

At mile two, my scalp suddenly came to life, tingling with cool little shivers. Hmm. Endorphins kicking in. Yay. The sensation spread very slowly downward as I kept going. Scalp, face, neck, shoulders, and arms. As the goosebump-feeling advanced and my remaining distance dwindled away, I became aware that not only did I have the urge to shiver and maybe even shudder, I also was becoming dizzy.

When I finished my cool down walk, I walked inside the building, but I had developed a pronounced drunken stagger! The tingling sensation never made it down to my shins where I needed it, over the next half hour as it dissipated, but it sure was a trippy feeling to experience!

I'm a little unsure about whether I want to experience that again when I'm alone and afraid I might pass out. It had a strange, forbidden sexual quality to it without involving those body parts at all. It was a slightly frightening feeling of losing control.

Now if it brings pain relief to my legs, okay, hit me with your best shot. :). But it did stop at my waist when my time was up. So hmm. I guess I need to investigate the possibilities some more in the future.

But yay, anyway, because I got the endorphins flowing in the first place. They have definitely been under-utilized in my brain. :). ("I'll have what she's having.". Lol

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