Friday, July 20, 2012

Feet in the Air

Get your mind out of the gutter. Lol. I'll explain. ;).

I'm lying on my bed with my feet propped as high on the headboard as I can reach. It's a large, ornately carved mahogany monster, and I love it. I fell in love with this bedroom suite because I felt like a little girl in a fairy tale when I clambered up in the bed on the showroom floor.

At the age of 39, it's the first full bedroom suite I chose and bought for myself. I'd been saving for it for a while, but nothing I had seen until this one even remotely appealed to me.

I didn't pay for it in installments or put it on my credit card. I wrote a check, and I think it surprised the people who sold it to me because I dress like someone who doesn't have the proverbial... Uh, chamber pot. Haha.

I'm still shopping for a living room suite. And some office furniture, but darn it, the configurations they have won't fulfill my needs.

Aww darn it. I just realized that ugly mark at the top of my calf is a burst blood vessel. No wonder it was hurting while I walked.

So. I worked in my classroom for a couple of hours, got turned down (again - I *know* he is super-busy right now) by the friend I invited to walk with me, and went for a stretch-it-all-out walk. I felt fine so I did a full 5k at a moderate pace. I would have modified that if my friend had come to walk, but he is dealing with a personal situation that is keeping him pretty busy.

I believe him. It's just that sort of complication is alien territory for me. I've had boyfriends who mostly didn't let me be a real part of their lives. I just don't have any point of reference for family type things. If he needs a hand, I'll help. Friends, right?

Just hearing some of what he's been dealing with hit me pretty hard. I imagine actually having to feel it is infinitely worse. Still, it sounds to me like he pretty much took the high road in the situation.

The walk was okay, with 55% humidity and 90 degrees tonight. I was so sweaty that i could feel it dripping through my hair and off my upper lip. Wow, in my old age I have finally learned how to sweat. I'm sure that the 150 ounces of water I drank today helped.

I came home, sat down for a bit, and got coooold. Then I got up to make popcorn (I overdid it - about 8x more than I intended to make) and realized my shins and calves are very sore. And there's swelling over my shin bones. Ow, shin splints again?

So I have my feet in the air hoping to let gravity take care of some of the edema.

I know. I was supposed to take a day of total rest but I just can't stand the thought of my age being a "special condition" in trying to get in shape by running. Darn it, it makes me feel decrepit, and I'm pretty sure I don't quite look my age.

Monday I was in court as a prospective juror, and during a "come to the bench" conversation that just dragged on, I decided to do some praying for my loved ones.

I know people don't think I ever pray, but I do it pretty often. I do it for other people, but I've always felt that asking for things for myself was just selfish. Maybe someone even told me that once. Do other people pray for themselves, I wonder?

I made some progress in prepping my room for the first days. I copied the papers I always use at the beginning of a grading period, before school ever ended last term, but I very nearly provided myself an entire year's worth.

I made little cardstock folders so that the various papers would stay organized and color coded at the stations. "Get the paper from the green folder, not the orange, please.".

I even paper clipped future sets of puzzles counted out by how many pages each station would require for a full day of kids. So instead of trying to count them out and distribute them in a sheer panic between classes, each station gets a packet. I can also collect the leftovers to be reused easily now by just grabbing the little folders. It'll make resorting them easier for reuse.

I still need to copy more papers to last the year. But I still have time to get that done. :) Maybe even try a few new ideas. I still have a comprehensive teacher's manual to write, and a lot of workbook pages to rewrite so my kids can understand them.

It would be wonderful indeed if I could stay on top of things and organized this year. :)

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