Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting a Pool!!

Ok, not me personally. If you have ever seen my property you know what a stupid idea that would be.

I have a tiny backyard, completely overhung with trees. One is a pecan tree. They turn things underneath black. I'd love to turn my crummy backyard into a low-maintenance garden anyway, since it can't even grow decent grass.

No entertaining the notion of an above-ground pool either, without water or electricity available in the back of my house. :). It is what it is. Just a starter home I never intended to mete out the rest of my days in.

Anyway, I noticed on Facebook yesterday that my gym is hinting about planning a new facility with a pool. They said that if you've been a member for a year by the time the new place is open, they won't raise your membership fees. I can work with that. :) I'll be careful to renew my membership in December and keep it up to date.

Here's hoping that in the year or so it takes to get the new facility finished, I might actually show some physical improvement from exercising. Yeah. I know. I'm where reality and logic part from one another and the typical results don't apply. Wouldn't it be funny if having been a good girl all this time is absolutely the problem? Maybe I just need some other kind of exercise.

Anyway, since I can't get anyone else to so much as walk with me, I'll probably intensify what I do. I'd like to finish my couch-to-5k program faster, but progressing with successful results is more important to me.

I don't like being credited for finishing 4-minute running periods when I can only make it through 3 before I'm gasping. That's probably my weight. Which goes nowhere no matter how many hours a day I'm sweating in the gym or how little I allow myself to eat, nor even how much water I drink.

My lower legs think that they are water storage vessels. If I drink, they swell. It has been happening for years, and I've been drinking tons of water for more than the twelve weeks it supposedly takes to counter the effects of long-term dehydration. Right now my lower legs look very nice, with my slender ankles showing once again.

But really, who looks at pretty calves, ankles, and feet?

Of course there is no easy solution to this dilemma. It seems there isn't even a near-impossible solution either. It's a good thing men all find me so irresistible just as I am, huh? Yeah, right. Ha ha.

At least I know I'll eventually be able to swim and not have to worry about how I look in a bathing suit. :). Nobody sees me at the gym. Some things truly never change.

Hey, I can always blame it on hormones, my age, diabetes, the heat -- and not continue to punish myself exercising. I could. But I won't. While it is true that I lost 25 pounds over the last year, I still get the sneering response from my father that he can't tell. He criticizes my weight every time he talks to me. It doesn't make for a healthy self-image.

On the brighter side, our town is getting closer to having a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Lol. How many years has that rumor been a phantom floating about ? Better than 20. And now it's in the local paper that we have that "opportunity". Cool.

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