Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday Mermaid

Hope all you people out there in the real world have a great Monday. Here behind the glass it is 65 degrees and time for early sleep. Though I am going to attempt to wake up and go to the gym early in the am, which will reinforce the eerie feeling of being the "last person on earth" because nobody will be there.

Though I'm now starting to see definition in my thigh muscles and calf muscles, days of lying on my bed dealing with persistent shin pain is kinda messing with my head and motivation.

People, on the other hand, are the ones messing with my heart. Pretended care and rapid subsequent abandonment are worse than being held captive alone behind the glass, like a creature in the zoo.

Well, if that's going to be the way of it, I think I'll just be a mermaid. :-/. At least it will give people a valid reason to whisper, stare, and make jokes. And then I'll slap them in the head with my tail for their rudeness.

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