Saturday, July 14, 2012

No shin splints

Well, I picked back up with my running tonight. I think that all of my walking in Italy strengthened my shins because they didn't hurt. I even forgot to wear my compression sleeves.

However, I think that my shoes are close to dead. I'm starting to feel the pavement underfoot and my toes go numb while I'm running OR walking.

Everything from the waist up was so tight it hurt and breathing was hard. (Nothing but anxiety -- when WILL i start enjoying this??) I started wheezing like an asthmatic again. Surely it's just the humidity?

Everything I see says southern summers are miserable for running. But I've always lived here, so why can't I handle it? Maybe it is asthma. I actually wheeze a little bit all the time, thanks to all the smokers who have the right to poison me. I wish I'd had the right to clean air.

I did cool-down- walking until I hit 3.1 miles, but my time was horrible. I hope it's just the humidity. But it's going to be this hot until October. :(

My brother says that tomorrow my shins will probably be troubling me again, but he doesn't understand just how instant and ever-present shin splints are for me. In other words, the pain is immediate. No delays to wallow in denial. I'm going to "rest" from running for two days and allow time for healing to see if that helps my recovery. Because running for beginners is a day of running, plus a day of resting while all of that training damage heals.

Now my left foot has been hurting all evening, but I believe that's an untreated fracture I've had for a long time. I can't go ask for an x-ray just out of curiosity. It feels as if one day it is going to snap anyway. Then I'll have it looked at. I can justify it then.

I don't want to be this slow, but it looks like I don't have a choice. My natural inclination to run like the wind is tempered by the limits of what my body can actually do. It isn't impressive. It's actually rather embarrassing.

At least in this century someone finally makes running bras for women who do have big breasts they don't want at their knees. (I've looked for 25 years... It's only a recent phenomenon.) I'm going to get one of the new color-coded UnderArmour running bras and be thankful that it only costs a small fortune. Yeah, the dark purple one, and that's after I had plastic surgery.

I have one of their front-zip Endure bras, but I'm afraid of that thing unzipping on me at the wrong moment and putting it back together takes privacy. It can't be done in front of others. I keep a pin in the zipper tab but it shows through my clothes.

Guys, you don't know how lucky you are to not have to worry about how to strap your breasts down for exercise. It hurts. And sometimes it creates the most BIZARRE shaping. I'm embarrassed to wear my big white running bra to the gym because it shows under my clothes and I know I look weird.

Though I still want to have an attractive feminine shape, that cute minimalist workout gear belies a secret: if she can wear that, she's (fortunately?) very small on top. I hope you're leg men.

I did have to remind myself to use my abs for support, and I think it helped my posture, but I had a hard time catching my breath. Maybe I should be tracking humidity when I run.

Okay, jog. I kept a slow pace. How many months until I can speed up to the rest of the humans?

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