Monday, July 23, 2012

Oats in the Afternoon

I spent half an hour cooking steel cut oats because I need some carbs for exercise energy later. Of course, I made enough to have breakfast for a couple more days while I was at it.

At first, I could swear they tasted like metal and were too chewy. Like warm Grape Nuts. Just a little too tough for my teeth, you know?

But I ate a little more and read my new book. They must have been palatable, because I looked down to find most of the bowl gone. :).

Now I just feel really sleepy. I slept late as it was, and now I want to nap for a couple of hours. Or maybe the rest of the day. Yeah, I'm feeling really down right now. It's been coming on for a couple of days so the book is a distraction in lieu of the usual nobody-to-talk-to problem.

Had a wolf problem earlier. How many times do I have to say "please leave me alone for the rest of my life because you don't have a chance"? Never will. My heart is elsewhere and my brain reminds me what a self-serving jerk he was way back when. Wolves don't change. I don't want a pet wolf, and if that is my only option I guess I will remain a hermit.

Why is it the right one never notices and the awful ones won't just leave me alone?

That's a rhetorical question -- no need to describe my faults in detail.

In any case, these are my last few days of freedom. When I officially go back to work, it'll take over my life anyway. I won't have much free time for the next 11 months.

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