Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running Experiment

I just remembered something that was different about my routine, when I ran the 5k back in November. I had no problems with energy that day, even though I believe I had skipped breakfast.

Adipex. I had been taking the Adipex my endocrinologist prescribed for me (against my objections), for a month.

After that race I got so sick I was in bed for a few days. It was a challenge, but those 3 miles were easier than most of my training runs this summer that were shorter in length. Maybe I'm not in such awful shape for running after all.

I got sick because distance running (for me, that was the longest distance I'd ever run in my life) challenges the immune system, especially when you aren't ready for it. I'm just lucky he illness waited a few hours until I finished my run. :)

I think tomorrow I may start taking it again, and see what it does to both my ability to push through my exhaustion when I run, and my weight. I've been off it long enough it might work for me again.

Just so you know, I don't even like the idea of using that drug. But my specialist admitted he couldn't figure out why my routine wasn't causing weight loss. It should have. But this is me we are talking about. Fair play doesn't usually enter the equation for my efforts. :)

I'm hoping that I can couple it with running and get lighter, which should make training a little easier. Hey, running hasn't made me lose weight. What choice do I have?

This is going to be a lot of fun with my sinus infection and resulting bronchitis still hanging about. Cough. Snort. Wheeze. Lol

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