Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sanding Those Doors... Argh

I really need to go and buy a sander today so that I can finish painting the bathroom. Maybe sanding will be such a pleasure that I'll zip around and sand a few other things that require it... Yeah, right. Lol

Still, I'd sleep better and be a happier person if I finished sanding and painting in there, right? Then I can get new crown molding put up. Mmmhmm. And then... On to painting my bedroom. Who wants to help me move my heavy fairy tale furniture around? Bueller... Bueller? Lol

Actually, in the bedroom it would psychologically be wise for me to start by repainting all of the bedroom doors first. That would make the room seem a lot bigger, because I'm going to paint all of the trim a nice crisp white. I just like the way that looks and I never really cared for stained wood trim all over this house. In a big house, maybe.

But I don't like living in a cave, and with the new tenant next door, whose bedroom window is right across from mine, I no longer feel comfortable opening the blind up to let the light in. He gives me he creeps. Sorry, but it is true.

My apparently obvious over-protection of my personal space was mentioned yesterday. Lol. I do that with some people and not with others. Well, I guess that's an outward sign of my trusting someone to let them get close to me. Some, I just don't feel comfortable enough with them YET, and some will never get there.

It makes me wonder amusedly if I visibly recoiled on the new neighbor when he approached. It would be rude to do it deliberately, but it's just a reflex. However, I do live in a neighborhood which the police have to spend time in regularly, so a neighbor who thinks its okay to come over when he wants really makes me a little nervous.

Well, it was my choice to buy a house here, although I don't intend to live here the rest of my life. I'm working on a down payment for something nicer, and in the meantime I don't have to worry that I can't pay my bills.

Going back to the sanding, I am now certain that I'm at fault for my front door sticking and then cracking. Guess what I did wrong? I didn't even know it shouldn't be done until a couple of days ago.

I painted the top of the door, in my quest to be thorough. It had already been painted before I did it. 60 years of paint plus a south-facing door, with a glass storm door in front to trap in ALL sorts of moisture that made the paint swell and stick.


I sowwy. I didn't know any better. It's not native knowledge for me. And the people who owned the house before me weren't any better.

There is a gable without any interior access, which is a red wasp habitat because nobody can get in to where the nests are and kill them.

They took out a load-bearing front wall to enlarge the living room and did nothing to reinforce it afterward. (When the crack in the ceiling truly became scary, my Dad and brother brought a structural engineer type guy over to assess the problem, and by golly, I was right. They fixed it for me. Metal beams are now supporting the load as they should have been all along.

Some genius used superglue to put up border in the living room... Right on top of wall primer. They didn't paint, and I'm pretty sure they didn't mud over the taped seams between the drywall sections. Idiots. I used wallpaper removers of all types, along with a Paper Tiger, and nothing could unstick that border from the wall.

It took me two weeks to sand all of it off, by hand. Then spackle, prime, and finally paint. I was not amused. The paint finish I applied took care of a bit of the seams showing, though. (Mudding is a skill I'm not ready to get into right now. Just... No. Please not that.) It took me one day to put the base color on the walls, and half a day to put the sponged finish in top. I'm good at that, and I actually enjoyed it immensely. I've been asked if it was wallpaper. Lol

But it needs repainting because the metal beams were put in later and I don't think I can get those paint colors again. Grr.

I like the creative part of painting walls, especially of I can do some awesome finish that looks textured. I do NOT like the prep work or the cleanup. Do the crummy part for me, and I'll help you paint your walls. Well, for some people I will. ;) I'm not offering myself out as a free painting monkey.

Holding me up from painting in the bedroom is... More wallpaper border glued directly onto primer. Oh, but wait, there's more! Primer covering a plaster texture. I don't like the texture but I don't want to go through either removing it or mudding over it. So, I know I can sand off the border and have it not match the rest of the room or sand down the entire room and die of asphyxiation in short order. Yay! Good to have choices!

I think I'm gonna spackle over that freaking border. It seems that with every home improvement project I undertake, it uncovers several other problems. Oh, the joy of learning new things that you never really wanted to know in the first place. LOL. And I'm just one person. I get kinda tired of doing it all myself after having to figure it all out by myself. ;)

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