Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So many chores...

I'm still in my bed. Thinking about all I have to do today.

Work at the school with no AC. (When will it be turned back on???)

Cleaning. Oh, pick a room.

Mow the yard. I could say weed eating too, but I hate it because starting mine is a nightmare and making the line feed correctly just doesn't happen for me. I've got a GOOD string trimmer. I'm just too weak to start the damn thing.

Roundup the entire freaking flower bed. All hope of control is gone. It's time for Yardmageddon again. If I woke up tomorrow with a beautiful yard and little garden, I'd probably really take a shine to yard work and gardening. But battling the beast to try to get it there absolutely kills my spirit. Maybe I should just hire someone to fix the whole darn mess.

Make curtains.

More grocery shopping, because I managed to come out yesterday with nothing but teriyaki jerky, milk, juice, Gatorade, fabric, and dog treats.

A lot of dog treats. I spend more on his treats than I do on my own food. And then he pees on my stuff in a snit. Bit of a diva, are we, little buddy?

Training run (jog) tonight. And yes, my shins are a little bit sore. Weren't two rest days enough?? True, I did play XBox Kinect Tennis against a real person last night. Had a lot of fun, too.

But it's not like the impact of running. Jogging. Attempting to move faster than a walk in this pea-soup humidity without wheezing for breath again. I suspect exertion-induced asthma. If I collapse during exercise someday because I can't breathe, THEN I'll have it looked into. I'm tired of getting that look that accuses me of hypochondria on the rare occasion that I see a doctor. It's why I don't go. They never can "find out" what's wrong.

Aww, maybe I just need a hug and my "imaginary" bronchitis will go away. /end sarcasm.

Just because my symptoms hide when I go in it doesn't mean I'm not sick. It's an involuntary survival mechanism leftover from childhood.

Anyway, all this to consider with a headache and lovely case of cramps. Yeah, I brought up the forbidden topic. These "female issues" really freak some people out. They try to keep it all a shameful secret and then treatment for women's health issues go down the drain. The best part is that I've likely gone through a lifetime of this for no reason whatsoever. :-|

I'm thinking a shower before I go to my hot classroom would be pointless. On the other hand, it would wake me up and maybe make my tummy feel better.

The remaining question is: Tylenol or Ibuprofen? Hmm.

I started back on Phenterm*ne (just trying to avoid spam) yesterday, and I don't feel any more energy, and I'm starving. I took it hours ago. Still, it doesn't mean you aren't supposed to eat ANYthing, so I guess I'd better get to drinking my water and eat something.

I was wide awake far too long last night (past 3 am, so maybe it is working). I also overstayed my welcome, chatting with a friend who had to work today. Oops, that's embarrassing! I was so into our conversation I totally lost track of time. Oh, I'm embarrassed. That was so rude. :(

It's not a bad day. It's a pretty good day so far. :) I haven't had to actually DO anything yet but hurt a little, and I had some comforting dreams last night. I got to spend this morning gathering ideas, which makes me happy. Productive creative thinking always pleases me. Now I have to put it into action.

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