Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still on Italian Time

Being the night owl that I am, it is strange that I wake up every day by 6:30 now. And at 11 pm I'm fighting to stay awake. Considering that 2 weeks ago I was getting up just after 6 am, that would be 11 am or noon our time... Which is when I naturally wake up on my own. I suppose it makes sense.

Maybe I shouldn't fight it. It could be handy once school starts back for me to already be on a normal sleeping schedule, rather than spend the first week completely unable to sleep.

I did manage to get a lot more than usual done yesterday after getting up at 8 am. I posted pictures from my trip until my eyes felt like they were bleeding. :)

Of course, my nights would be more restful if I managed to go to bed properly, instead of simply passing out on my bed, fully dressed, with all the lights on -- including the bedroom light and the tv on at normal volume. I assure you, no alcohol or drugs involved -- just simple exhaustion. :)

I have to call in next week yet again for jury duty, though it is likely I won't be chosen for this jury anyway. I know one of the defendants personally, and I've been on his side about the matter since it happened years ago. I'm also unhappy about what the lawsuit ultimately has cost the community. I think that would make me a very prejudiced juror.

So waking up far earlier than my normal time is actually a little bit useful, if annoying. I feel like I've lost my ability to sleep in. :(. What I'd do with it IF I could still do it... Okay, never mind. That ain't happening either, apparently. :-/

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