Sunday, July 15, 2012

Strawberry Cider

I've decided to just give up and go to bed. I never really started feeling better and everything I think about just brings me down more. Nobody wants to talk. But I need to talk to someone. Really talk.

So I opened the strawberry cider. I've had it in the fridge nearly two years, unopened, and I figured it was losing quality anyway. Turned out okay, and still completely non-alcoholic, for those quick to accuse me of being a lush if I ever have a single beer.

I have the means to drink whenever I want to; I just don't see the point in all the calories. Don't get me wrong -- sometimes, like tonight, it is a very appealing thought to make the rest of the world vanish into oblivion.

Besides, drinking is bad for you, there's a family history, and despite all the pain I'm feeling on the left side of my body tonight, I do intend to keep trying to run.

Oh, a list of owwies for the night? My left foot and ankle actually feel worse; giving more weight to my belief something in there is broken. My left hip hurts (ok, it never really stops),and my ribs are sore. Well, now. Isn't that a change from the usual sore legs? Lol

My ribs are sore because I was holding my abs in while I jogged yesterday and wheezing while I breathed, which did make me a little panicked. For some reason I still haven't learned to relax while I jog. My neck and shoulders were crackling like crazy when I rolled them around.

I'd like to have some more cider, but it's 170 calories a glass and it lacks the magic power of a mood lifter.

Maybe I need to go where everyone else has gone.... nowhere.

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